Natalie Tsiapalo, founder of Taskfulness

Hey, here is Natalie Tsiapalo,

I discovered my ADHD at 29y.o., built 2 startups, have a formal education as an artist, and own two cats 🐈. I am a founder of Taskfulness - the app created with friends to solve our problem of being distracted by… well, almost everything :)

This is why I extensively study neurology and test a lot of its hypotheses on me.
I believe, even in our overstimulated world, there is a way we can be in control of our brains. I am dedicated to finding this way, and sharing it with you in a handy form of an app.

Now, I’d like to disclose a personal detail: as s kid, I grew up in Ukraine, with my grandparents who were teachers in a Post-Soviet country. They were people of very high discipline. Imagine how it was for them to deal with the hyperactive kiddo… None of us knew what the heck Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was back then. We all just accepted the idea that I am lazy and overly energetic. But...
BUT! It wasn’t true: there are no lazy people. Your brain may lack some chemicals (that can be compensated for by exercise, sex, and diet) and structure (that can be developed).

So I encourage you now: stop feeling guilty 🌸!
Discover yourself, learn to leverage your superpowers, and let Taskfulness help you focus on what matters, as it helps me.

Much love,

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