Meditation for ADHD

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I hate yoga. Here, I said it.

For my hyperactive brain, doing yoga for 'tension release', 'finding calm', and 'connecting with self' simply doesn't work. Long pauses feel exhausting - like holding my body in a prison. And the closing part of meditation - like the party in my head is about to get dangerous (I don't let go of thoughts, but become overwhelmed by them instead).

Don't get me wrong, I know that all people can benefit from some cool-down period and seeing the big picture of things. But apparently, yoga is not my way to find real zen.

Another way to rebalance.
Recently, I came across the book 'Faster than Normal' by Peter Shankman.
The author explains how he copes with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and emphasizes that most of his practices significantly improve the lives of BOTH people with, and without diagnosed attention problems, to sharpen focus, and set priorities. Based on his advice on managing triggers, and years of personal trial and error, I developed a 'meditation' technique that works for me. After each 'session' of it, I am relaxed, accomplished, and motivated for any task.

My "ADHD Meditation" technique ⬇️

What you DON'T need:
- 1 hour of time
- special clothes
- a mat
- a large space
- good company
- relaxing music

What you NEED:
- 5-15 min of time
- a messy office table, kitchen pantry, or cosmetics cabinet
- optional: an audiobook, or ASMR in your headphones

Let's start to meditate!
In the following example, we will do it with a bathroom drawer :)
Asana 1:
Take all of the stuff out of a cluttered bathroom drawer onto a clean table or floor - any surface will do. Here go the shower gels, including old bottles with a little on the bottom, makeup, creams, pills, suspensions, masks, perfumes - all of it.
Asana 2:
Select all expired items and throw them away. Select all the stuff that you haven't used for over 12 months and put it away. Select the items that someone gifted you but... frankly, these things overwhelm you - put them away.
Asana 3:
Take the putaway pile and place it into a box. Now, place the box in front of your entrance door (we will come to it later*, but do it now please). Next, organize the remaining stuff back in your drawer.

Last 20 seconds... Breathe deeply.
Use these seconds to focus on how it is organized now. You did it. You decluttered, reduced the outside stimuli, started and finished a specific task... You did well!
After such "ADHD meditation", your brain will release dopamine. It is the best time to start your day. You are now motivated, and the cleaner environment you just created will help you stay focused.

*When you go out later today, take the putaway box along. Leave it next to garbage bins in the city. This way, what doesn't serve you anymore, can be used by other people.

Take care 🌸

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